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The Art Of Perfume Notes - What Are They?

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When people hear the word ‘notes' they often say "yeah those are the things that make up a song." Sure this is true, but did you know that notes are also used to describe the various scents of a fragrance? Most people aren't even aware that there is more than one aroma involved in perfume or mens cologne.

In this article we will take an in depth look at what levels of notes occur in a fragrance, as well as what is involved in each level.

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As I mentioned above, there are actually different scents within a bottle of perfume. That's right, when you purchase your dream bottle of cologne at the local store, it isn't going to always smell the same. When you wear it, the scent will actually change throughout the day. Evaporation causes different ‘notes' to come out during this period.

So what exactly are these notes? Let's take a look.

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Top Notes - This is the first scent you smell when sniffing a particular fragrance. Because this is the first scent a person smells, the manufacturer knows that the top notes are very important for a good first impression. The top notes are usually described as fresh or strong. These notes generally last a matter of minutes (10-30) due to them evaporating quickly.

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Middle Notes - Also sometimes referred to as ‘heart notes', these scents are generally much less ‘dramatic' than top notes. Middle notes last longer than top notes and usually appear 10-45 minutes after applying the perfume.

Base Notes - This is the finale of every good cologne. The ingredients used here hold everything together. Musk is a common ingredient that is used as a base note.

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Now that you are "in the know", next time you go to buy that special cologne, you may be able to give the clueless sales representative a crash course in fragrance study!

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Perfume Your Garden and Home with Gardenias

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One of my favorite plants is the large white-flowered Mystery Gardenia (gardenia jasminoides) that grows to about 5' tall and wide. The perfume-like scent adds an exotic feeling to gardens. Plus, the large white flowers show up well in moonlight when many people more likely get a chance to take pleasure in their garden.

If you want to enjoy gardenias, plant them where they get sun. Most people plant gardenias in the shade because these plants love the same soil as shade-loving camellias and azaleas. However, gardenias can take full sun and prefer at least half a day of sunlight. Gardenias will not bloom well in the shade.

Don't over water your gardenias. Keep the soil surface moist, but not soggy. Don't let them dry out too much during flowering or they will drop their buds. To keep your plants from drying out, mulch well.

Gardenias also like rich organic soil, azalea/camellia fertilizer, and iron. If your gardenias get yellow leaves, they most likely need more iron. During the growing season, feed your gardenias every three weeks.

Don't get harsh when pruning gardenias. They need some leaves left on the stock so they can get nutrition. Prune after blooming but before fall so the plant gets a chance to grow and form new flowers for the next spring bloom.

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Gardenias bloom from late spring well into summer. Besides the glorious creamy-white blooms, they give your garden a gorgeous deep green backdrop all year long.

Plant gardenias near your entry door to welcome guests and yourself with the invigorating perfume-like scent. Just one or two flowers floating in a bowl of water fills your home with natural fragrance. With over 200 species of gardenias, you're sure to find just the perfect variety at your local nursery for your garden.

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